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Our new Panthera expert

At V-Trak we always looking to have people that are able offer further expertise and skills to our team. Recently we have had Jack join the V-Trak family as our Panthera Specialist. Who best to introduce Jack than himself.


For the past 9 years of my life I have been living with a Spinal Cord Injury. After what I thought would be a normal day of kite surfing instead changed absolutely everything for me.


Getting to where I am today has been a long journey but I have not let my circumstances stop me from working and doing what I wanted, whilst being able to use the skills I had from before my accident. I have always been a motorsport and engineering enthusiast, I gained a qualification as an Automotive Technician. This was something I knew I wanted to find a way to continue with. I just had to change the industry I was in to help suit not only myself but also give me the ability to help others like me.

I was lucky enough to get a job with GBL after charming my way in during my first fitting for my wheelchair. This opportunity not only introduced me to the world of mobility, taught me all the skills I needed but also welcomed me into a community of individuals I could understand and relate to.


After GBL decided to relocate their business I made the decision to go out on my own and create “Jacks Mobility Solutions” where I set up a mobile wheelchair service. For me JMS was all about providing an affordable, understanding and convenient service to give the individual optimum performance out of their wheelchair.


Two years on from starting JMS plus facing a pandemic, I found myself craving and missing the ability to work as part of a team whilst having the chance to be introduced to new and exciting products and mobility technology. After receiving a phone call from V-trak, we got talking about an opportunity they had. Instantly this was something I was incredibly enthusiastic to know more about. I had the opportunity to meet the whole team and get an inside perspective of the company. In all honesty I fell in love with the V-Trak backrest and the technology behind it.

This is the first mobility product and ethos in a long time to make me eager enough to not only want to learn more but also be able to introduce exactly what they do to those who could improve their day to day from their products.


If you would like to speak to Jack about product training or you have any questions about the Panthera range please get in touch.